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Access to food aid and other life-saving services in Afghanistan is close to running out, the United Nations has warned, as concern mounts that the country is facing a “looming humanitarian catastrophe”.

The UN says 18 million people are facing a humanitarian disaster, and a further 18 million could quickly join them.

To tackle this issue we are aiming to facilitate the distribution of food packs in Afghanistan on the ground. You can feed a family for just £2 a day making the cost of a food pack just £60. Our teams will be distributing these food packs in Afghanistan throughout Ramadan.

One food pack contains; 50kg Flour, 3kg Rice, 1kg Chickpeas, 1kg Lentils, 2kg Sugar, 3 packs of Cream Cheese, 1kg Ghee, 2L Cooking Oil, 1 jar of Tahini, 1 jar of Tomato Paste, 1 jar of Jam, 2 cans Sardines, 1kg Salt, 1kg Bulgur, 1 pack Halwa, 1 pack Tea, 2kg Sweet Rice, 2kg Powdered Milk, 1 pack Cheese, 1kg Dates, 1kg Olives, 2L Olive Oil, 2 packs Bread, 1 pack Mortadella and 750g Qamar al-Deen.

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