Our Work

What we do

Smiling Faces empowers vulnerable people and communities globally. Our humanitarian organisation strives towards alleviating poverty for 3 billion people across the globe. We provide food, water, shelter, clothing, and education.


The orphanage will host up to 30 children. They will be provided with food, water, education, and shelter. This building is where the future leaders of Africa will be developed and nurtured.


The Mosque will be a centre point for the community, with 95% of the country being Muslim.

The community will find the Mosque to be a place to hold congregations, meetings, weddings, and celebrations.


A borehole is a water tanker that pumps clean water from beneath the surface.

The first borehole will be built in our orphanage complex and be used by all surrounding communities.


The school will the centre point for education in our complex. The school will be open to both kids from the orphanage and surrounding communities.

Food Packs

In our first step to expand our charity internationally, we will be providing food packs to families around the world. The food pack will provide a family with food that should last roughly a month.

Our areas of focus will be The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and Syria.

Make a monthly donation

Pledge £5 every month keep our charity running and to enable us to keep helping the ones that need us the most.